Don’t Let DEI Burnout Negate Your Company’s Progress

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

Three years ago, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) was at the forefront of many organizations’ agendas. Motivated to change their cultures and drive greater inclusivity, awareness of biases and the importance of embracing employees’ differences, companies committed to change. They launched DEI initiatives, sponsored employee resource groups (ERGs), hosted training and discussion sessions, donated to support social justice efforts, added more diversity to their boards, hired personnel dedicated to guiding and directing these efforts and more.

Today, however, enthusiasm has seemingly waned. DEI burnout—among both the professionals tasked with executing these initiatives and the employees on the receiving end of the messaging—has begun to stifle progress.

How did this happen? Mercedes Barragan, global inclusion and diversity manager at MHI member Dematic and a member of MHI’s DEI Advisory Committee, says she empathizes with the burnout sentiment…

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