Enhance your leadership skills to recruit and retain your workforce

As the year ended, several articles were on LinkedIn, Forbes, and other outlets where influencers, writers, and companies shared their Year in Review. As expected, topics included the status of 2022 and 2023 projections and trends. While the topics are relevant, another focus might be how leadership may have been affected this year, especially regarding loss and gains in these companies. How much time was dedicated to enchaining leadership skills this year in the hustle and bustle of making sure the business met its quarterly numbers? Can companies afford the costs of poor leadership? Could a focus on leadership skills even improve gains and reduce losses?

Here are some connections to consider:

– A trained leader retains 75% of his stakeholders. As it is often said, ‘people leave managers, not companies. So, one must apply the necessary measures to become an effective leader.

– A trained leader nurtures future leader. As a leader, it is important to be strategic about developing future leaders; without a strategy, leadership roles are often given to candidates with dominant personalities. Future leaders should be trained in targeted courses that prepare them for leadership roles.

– A trained leader has a great vision. Leaders that have a clear vision and goal are easy to follow. Thereby developing other leaders inadvertently, in turn, a trained leader provides leadership courses that include tools that focus on how to produce satisfied team members. Consequently, the company is enhanced through satisfied personnel, and this will likely lead to improving gains and reducing losses.

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