Ergonomic Guidelines for Manual Material Handling Is Now Online

In year 2020, going digital is no longer considered progressive, instead it’s become the necessity and common practice of today. With this considered, MHI Industry group, EASE (Ergonomic Assist Systems & Equipment) has recently put their Ergonomics Guide for Manual Material Handling in a digital form. Now viewers can access it easily, navigate simply to targeted pages of their choice and they can even search for keywords and topics. This also makes sharing the document with colleagues quick and simple. It’s not new content, but the new format really does make it accessible in ways it was not before. You can access the new format here.

About EASE

Ergonomics is more than a buzzword today – it is a movement. Nationally, our demographics confirm we are aging and in deteriorating physical shape. This impacts the workplace, and good employers must think of their businesses in terms of ergonomics. EASE is the group within MHI focused solely on making work easier for people by improving the work environment. Learn more at mhi.org/ease

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