Executive Viewpoint: Bots, Automation and the COVID Effect

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

Back before COVID, our company, Kenco Group, was making investments in robotics and automation. We had an AutoStore Robotics Shuttle system. We had LocusBots. But we were just slowly adopting the technology.

With COVID, we learned what many others did: We had to accelerate its use. We had to shift our thinking, too. The question used to be, “How can we do that with people?” People weren’t as expensive as technology. But now, the question is, “How can we do that with automation, and supplement it with people?” We recognize that we really need to use automation as a base. That way, if everything falters again, the output won’t drop as much. We’ll be ready.

Kenco is a leading 3PL provider. We offer supply chain, fulfillment, distribution, transportation and material handling solutions. We have about 115 distribution centers across North America and have about 5,000 employees. During COVID, we saw a lot of that change. Turnover went up. There was fear of the virus. There were government incentives and families to take care of. Wages went through the roof. You could argue that was a good thing or bad thing; either way, it was necessary, but probably should have happened at a slower clip…

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