How to Make Your Relationship with Your Boss Work for You

by Morgan Cruz, Marketing Content Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_morgan

Whether you are just starting your career or have been in management for years, most successful working relationships require the same thing: quality communication.  Mary Schaefer, former HR manager, coach, trainer and consultant offers expertise through her webinar, How to Make Your Relationship with Your Boss Work for You.

She recommends four key components to becoming a high value, low-maintenance employee:

  • Distinguish yourself
  • Align with organization priorities
  • Gain influence
  • Demonstrate your value

Understanding these objectives will help you address your supervisor’s needs, learn what actions to take to be viewed as a more trusted and valued associate, influence your boss to eliminate obstacles to doing your job well and garner better support for your ideas.

The most common challenge is clear communication. A disconnect between employee and employer occurs with assumptions and lack of feedback. Mary suggests using direct phrases for better understanding. For example, before an evaluation a boss may say to their employee, “I’m giving feedback now”. When an employee has a difficult topic to discuss with their boss they may preface the conversation by saying, “please know I am bringing this up because I want to do my job well.”

Mary also presents ways for the employee to be more successful and make the company more successful by recommending the employee and employer have matching expectations of high performance. This includes a conversation on specific examples that define duties, goals and overall workflow.

No matter what age level or experience, this webinar offers valuable insight giving all employees the tools to feel confident and empowered within the workplace.

For more helpful tips view the full webinar with Mary Schaefer at and learn how to make the most of your relationship with your boss.