Improving Manufacturing Facility Safety for Workers with UWB RTLS

Guest blog from MHI Member Company Litum

Ensuring the safety for workers in manufacturing environments should be a top priority. However, relying solely on traditional safety measures such as signage, training, and personal protective equipment may not be enough to protect your team from hazardous conditions in large, complex facilities.

Fortunately, Ultra-Wideband Real-Time Location Systems (UWB RTLS) have gained popularity for their ability to enhance safety for workers. By implementing RTLS, you can improve the safety for workers. In this article, we’ll explore some workplace safety tips and how RTLS can help create a safer workplace.

How UWB RTLS helps improve safety in a manufacturing facility

Ultra-Wideband Real Time Location System (UWB RTLS) is an advanced technology that tracks the location of people or assets within a designated area. This innovative system uses ultra-wideband frequencies, which are much higher than traditional radio frequencies.

One of the key advantages of UWB RTLS is its ability to track through walls, making it ideal for monitoring workers in large warehouses or enclosed areas. This technology is based on an RFID system that utilizes ultra-wideband radio signals to transmit data over short ranges. Tags placed on objects or people are programmed with specific information, allowing for easy identification and tracking.

Real-time location information about tagged objects or people is transmitted back to the system, enabling supervisors to track personnel movements and identify potential workplace hazards. By increasing visibility and situational awareness throughout the facility, UWB RTLS improves occupational safety, reducing the likelihood of incidents, accidents, and injuries.

UWB RTLS also streamlines operations, enhancing efficiency in areas such as asset tracking, inventory management, and workforce optimization.

By providing accurate real-time data, UWB RTLS allows for better decision-making and resource allocation, enabling optimal performance while implementing safety procedures in every department of your manufacturing operation.

Benefits of using UWB RTLS to improve safety in a manufacturing facility

Manufacturing facilities, by their very nature, can be hazardous working environments. You’ve got heavy machinery, moving parts, and people working in close quarters, which can lead to workplace injuries.

It becomes essential to make sure that everyone is safe at all times—and that’s where UWB RTLS technology comes in. UWB (Ultra-Wideband) RTLS solutions provide a reliable way to keep track of personnel and equipment in the workplace, allowing supervisors to create a safe workplace more effectively.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using UWB RTLS in manufacturing facilities to improve safety for workers.

Increased awareness of personnel and equipment locations

UWB RTLS solutions allow supervisors to track the exact location of personnel and equipment at any given time. This means that they can easily identify who is working where and how close they are to potentially hazardous machines or areas.

Having this level of awareness makes it easy for supervisors to quickly detect and report unsafe conditions before someone gets hurt.

Enhanced staff training and familiarization with the facility

UWB RTLS solutions also allow supervisors to monitor the movement of personnel throughout their facility so they can see how long it takes them to get from one place to another.

This information can be used to ensure that staff is familiarizing themselves with the layout of their facility as quickly as possible so they know where everything is located and how best to safely maneuver around it without putting themselves or anyone else at risk.

Implementation of workplace safety program in the facility

In addition to tracking personnel and equipment locations, UWB RTLS solutions also offer enhanced security measures for manufacturing facilities. By being able to monitor who is entering and leaving certain areas within the facility, supervisors can ensure that only authorized personnel have access while keeping unauthorized personnel out of restricted areas—all while keeping an eye on employee movements throughout their workspace for added peace of mind.

UWB RTLS solutions for improving safety in the workplace

Keeping your workers safe is paramount in any manufacturing facility. Whether it’s ensuring proper safety protocols are followed or improving visibility for supervisors, a key element to successful safety efforts is the right technology.

Aside from wearing safety glasses and other PPE, implementing UWB RTLS in your workplace can help improve safety for workers while increasing cost savings associated with manual entry systems. Companies like  Litum offer fully integrated tags, sensors, and software designed specifically for industrial environments so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best product available on the market.

When it comes to ensuring workplace safety, accuracy & reliability are paramount for the proper application of all safety procedures. Companies like Litum ensure very low latency in its UWB RTLS operations while providing end-to-end solutions at cost-effective prices.

At companies like Litum, you will find RTLS solutions not just limited to manufacturing industries, but also applicable in warehousing, healthcare, mining, and oil & gas industries too. With accurate location insights and tracking analytics, you can benchmark your overall performance and execute effective safety strategies as you see fit.