“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Creating a Culture of Innovation

MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” episode, “Creating a Culture of Innovation” opens with a resounding mantra: “Test fast, fail fast.” Beyond a mere catchphrase, this episode unravels a pivotal strategy reshaping workplaces into crucibles of innovation, paving the way for the jobs that will define the future.

Imagine a workplace where experimentation isn’t just acceptable but applauded—a place where taking risks and learning from quick trials is ingrained. That’s the essence this episode captures. Industry leaders, including Kristi Montgomery and Oana Jinga, shed light on how “test fast, fail fast” is not mere rhetoric but a paradigm shift pushing fresh ideas and challenging traditional norms.

As the episode progresses, we delve deeper into the nuts and bolts of impactful strategies, from idea challenges to swift experimentation, illustrating the cultural shift towards learning from missteps. “Test fast, fail fast” becomes the anthem of a workplace that values not just the triumphant outcomes but also the insights derived from ventures that didn’t quite hit the mark.

Watch “Jobs of Tomorrow” Now

As we navigate through these real-world narratives, watch the full episode of “Jobs of Tomorrow” episode on MHIview or Tubi which offers a glimpse into the intricacies of creating an environment where innovation thrives. To further explore this transformative culture within the supply chain workforce, check out the insightful MHI Solutions blog on workforce sustainability. Join us on this journey where the essence of trial and error becomes the cornerstone for sculpting a supply chain workforce prepared for the demands of tomorrow.