“Jobs of Tomorrow”: From Data to Delivery

Kicking off Season 2 of our “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries is an episode devoted to optimization. “From Data to Delivery: Optimizing Supply Chain Performance” digs into the ways that companies are using data to hone multiple elements of their supply chain.

Emerging digital technologies are spitting out an increasing amount of data related to supply chain performance. While the data can be very helpful, it can also be overwhelming – think of Pac-Man frantically racing to consume every pellet. To avoid that scenario, supply chains need to be very strategic about how they ingest the flurry of data.

In this episode, leaders from such companies as Dexory, Swisslog, Kenco Group, and Unilever share their strategies for using data efficiently. While many improvements have been made, companies are still striving to reduce the lag time between interpreting data and responding to data.

Due to the rising importance of data, there is a huge need for data enthusiasts in the supply chain. This episode discusses the different job opportunities in this field, as well as the type of people who are finding success in this burgeoning role.

Watch “Jobs of Tomorrow” Now

To learn more about how companies are parsing data, watch this full “Jobs of Tomorrow” episode now on MHIview. A recent article from MHI Solutions magazine also dives into how supply chains are making data-driven decisions.

Both season 1 and 2 of  Jobs of Tomorrow can be streamed on MHIview.