“Jobs Of Tomorrow”: How to Win Culture

Think of culture as the thumbprint of your company. It defines how you communicate, innovate, and motivate. In episode 7 of MHI’s Jobs of Tomorrow docuseries, we highlight how several companies are winning culture and influencing their workforce.

The pandemic was marked by “the Great Resignation” as well as the rise of  “quiet quitting.” Both of these phenomena helped convince many companies that they need to make changes to retain and attract quality employees. In this episode, Kevin O’Neill, president/co-owner of Steele Solutions Inc., discusses how his company used the pandemic to really strengthen its core values. From its emphasis on “grow or die” and the launch of a creative competition, you can learn about the efforts Steele Solutions has made to fortify its culture.

This episode also probes the issue of work/life balance—rebranded as LIFE/work balance by the culture expert we interview. It’s important for companies to communicate to employees that they them as people with hobbies and commitments outside of their work life.

As the up-and-coming generation is a major focus of Jobs of Tomorrow, this episode also seeks the perspective of a PhD student in industrial and systems engineering. She shares the questions she asks during interviews, as well as the culture she hopes to find in a company.

Does your company have a thriving culture? For ideas on how to maintain it, watch the full episode “How to Win Culture and Influence People” on MHIview or stream it on Amazon.