“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Testing to Investing

With all of the shiny new robots and artificial intelligence emerging, how can companies make sure they are investing in the right products? This is the pressing question presented in “Technology in Supply Chain: Testing to Investing,” the second episode of MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow” docuseries.

If you manage a supply chain, you know that the status quo is not a viable option. In this episode, a supply chain consultant estimates a 60-90% adoption rate of new technologies over the next 5 years. This makes investment in innovation practically a mandate for companies to compete.

This episode introduces you to robots co-working in a facility, and you will also see how some companies use a digital twin to rigorously evaluate new products. With this race to innovate underway, the supply chain industry is becoming a magnet for forward thinking students.

To hear more about the futuristic jobs that this disruption is creating, watch “Technology in Supply Chain: Testing to Investing.”  And if you’re interested in the next day delivery revolution, make sure to watch our first episode in the series.