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“Jobs of Tomorrow”: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

“There is no way to hide.” That’s the message “Jobs of Tomorrow” brings about artificial intelligence (AI). As explained in the episode “From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Building Intelligent Supply Chains,” AI is beginning to change every link of the supply […]

The Future is Not about Tomorrow

“No matter what business you have, spend one hour a day in the future.” That is the advice Gerd Leonhard, CEO of The Futures Agency, offered to guests at MHI’s Annual Conference during his Monday keynote. “The future is not […]

How Six Companies Use AI For Demand Planning

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine If you’ve ever been frustrated because your favorite brand of ketchup is sold-out at the grocery store or had to postpone a home improvement project because some of the key materials were out-of-stock in your […]

Automation, AI and the Future of Supply Chains

By John Paxton, Chief Executive Officer, MHI One important lesson learned from the pandemic was the need to address the fragility of global supply chains. To mitigate the risk of future disruption, it’s become clear that firms need to automate […]

“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Testing to Investing

With all of the shiny new robots and artificial intelligence emerging, how can companies make sure they are investing in the right products? This is the pressing question presented in “Technology in Supply Chain: Testing to Investing,” the second episode […]

Moving to the Supply Chain Metaverse

Article from MHI Solutions  Twenty years ago, when the internet was still in its early growth stage, it was hard to imagine the way it would change the world. Today we’re seeing a similar phenomenon with the emergence of the […]

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