Join the Conversation at the MHI Executive Summit and Annual Conference with #MHIac15

by Morgan Cruz, Marketing Content Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_morgan

The 2015 MHI Executive Summit and Annual Conference is only two weeks away! Join the conversation on social media and find key takeaways, comments and pictures from attendees with hashtag, #MHIac15.

Learn more about hashtags

A hashtag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic. Hashtags are often used to search and share on a subject matter, place, event or social movement. For example, if you type in #MHIac15 in the twitter search bar, you will see a list of tweets about the MHI Executive Summit and Annual Conference. The same thing applies for Instagram only Instagram is solely picture based. If you type #MHIac15 in the Instagram search bar, you will see a list of pictures from the conference.

Start using #MHIac15

You can include #MHIac15 in your tweet or Instagram post anytime you are talking about the MHI Executive Summit and Annual Conference.  When you are at the conference search #MHIac15 on Instagram or Twitter to see tweets and pictures posted by MHI and attendees from the day. Tweet to MHI about you favorite keynote using #MHIac15 and see who else is talking about the conference. If you are not able to make it this year but would like to see what’s happening, follow the conversation with #MHIac15 .

Prepare for the conference by following MHI and some of our conference keynotes on Twitter!

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Jason Schenker
President, Prestige Economic

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Vice President, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, The Coca-Cola Company

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Founder and CEO, Supply Chain Insights

David Simchi-Levi
Professor and Co-Director, Leaders for Global Operations, MIT