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The MHI team is ready to connect with you on Twitter! They offer behind the scenes photos at our events, keep you updated on what’s happening at MHI, and share advice, thoughts, and current happenings in their area of expertise. Meet our talented thought leaders.

MHI CEOGeorge Prest @mhi_ceo

Greetings! I am the CEO of MHI. Let’s chat about supply chain, leadership, innovation & all that is #poweredbymhi.



MHI team - HeatherHeather Taylor @mhi_heather

Hi I’m Heather, business analyst for MHI. I love graphs and data almost as much as I love cookies. Let’s talk intriguing news on market intelligence. 



MHI team - GregGreg Baer @GbaerGreg

Hello! I am a proud dad, husband and the Director of Sales for MHI.  Join the conversation with me on all things supply chain and search  #ProMatShow and #MODEXShow for exciting news on our trade shows.



MHI Team - Pat Pat Davison | @mhi_pat 

Hi there, I am the Director of Standards at MHI. I am an avid cyclist, Spartan and transplanted Michigander loving all things Carolina. Let’s talk the latest supply chain safety and standards news.



MHI Team - Angela JenkinsAngela Jenkins @mhi_angela

Hello, I’m Angela, Director of Career & Technical Education at MHI. I am passionate about best practices in supply chain education. Search #MHICTE for real time photos of the awesome things we do in MHI Career and Technical Education


Alex BattyAlex Batty @mhi_alex

Hey! I’m Alex, resident word nerd in Marketing. Born and raised out west, I’m loving the QC. Defender of the Oxford comma and fascinated by digital communication. Stop on by and chat any time!



MHI Team - Morgan Cruz Morgan Cruz @mhi_morgan

Hello I’m Morgan, Marketing Content Coordinator at MHI. My passions are everything art and social. Let’s geek out over the latest tips and tricks in digital marketing, graphic design and blogging!


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