Lights. Camera. Action! Supply Chain Careers in the Entertainment Industry

by Sterling J. Scott, Marketing Communications Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_sterling

When most people think of careers in the entertainment industry, they think of actors and actresses, producers, directors, musicians, singers, athletes, managers, and agents. When most people think of careers in the supply chain they think of positions at manufacturers, retailers, or supply chain companies. However, like other industries, the entertainment industry has supply chains as well as professionals who operate and manage them.

Between the film, television, and music industries alone, there are plenty of challenges. These challenges are not only evolving over time, but they also require professionals trained to help organizations adapt to this changing environment. There are many ways for consumers to watch movies and television shows as well as listen to music. There are trends in preferences and they change with the technology as well as the content. Companies in the entertainment industry are interested in knowing how to distribute content to maximize profit, where to distribute it, how to manage inventory, as well as which technologies will help them manage the process of getting content from production to consumers.

The entertainment industry is full of supply chain needs and positions to fill those needs between production studios, warehouses, and corporate offices. A quick pass through shows supply chain positions open at 21st Century Fox, Activision, Anschutz Entertainment Group, Caesars Entertainment, Deluxe Entertainment, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Ubisoft, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros. That’s a pretty good list of major players in the film, television, music, video game, casino entertainment, sports, and digital media industries.

Careers in supply chain operations and management are growing quickly and offer great salaries. Many of these opportunities are in the entertainment industry, and like other industries, these positions are behind the scenes.

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