Be Part of Arizona Manufacturing Month

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex

So Arizona has a whole MONTH dedicated to manufacturers.


Manufacturing Day officially occurs on the first Friday in October (it’s the 7th this year) but really the whole month is meant to celebrate manufacturing. MFG DAY says that much of the purpose of the day is to clear up misconceptions about manufacturing by giving “manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show… what manufacturing is – and what it isn’t.”

Basically, this month is to show that a career in manufacturing is not only well-paying, but also challenging and rewarding and helps spread excitement about the field for the new generation of workers. For Arizona in particular, celebrating manufacturing month helps showcase small and medium sized manufacturers and also show how manufacturing is a critical part of the state’s economy. For example, one manufacturing job in Arizona supports an additional 1.3 jobs and over 80% of Arizona’s 2013 exports were manufactured goods (Manufacturing Revolution).

Now, you may ask why we’re talking about this (other than the fact that it’s cool), but we have a tie-in. Of course we have a tie-in.

This year’s MHI Annual Conference and Executive Summit are in Tucson, Arizona (<- there’s a tie-in). Since manufacturing works closely with and has large ties to material handling and supply chain (<- and also here’s a tie-in), we thought it was pretty cool that we’d all be there at the same time. The conference and summit will run October 16-19 and addresses the theme of “Accelerating Change” while bringing people together to workshop how to continue to move forward and keep up with the break-neck speed of change.

Feel the stress melt away at the MHI Annual Conference under the Arizona sun at Hilton Tucson Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort. The conference will feature four keynotes, six lab and class tracks, two solution sessions and a variety of networking opportunities. This event will also feature a complete lineup of Product and Solutions Group meetings. To learn more visit and to register today.