MODEX 2024 Keynote Panel: Navigating Smarter Ports

Set sail with us into the future of port operations at MODEX 2024! Join us at the Keynote Panel: Charting the Course for Smarter Ports, for an interactive discussion where industry experts will explore the challenges and opportunities of integrating cutting-edge technologies into port infrastructure. Discover the latest innovations shaping the maritime industry and gain invaluable insights into strategies driving efficiency and sustainability.

Meet our Moderator

Mitch MacDonald, a seasoned industry expert and the Founder and Board Director of AGiLE Business Media, will guide the conversation with his wealth of experience and insights.

Our Panelists

Prepare to be inspired by industry leaders:

  • Rob Tonissen, Director Supply, Port of Rotterdam
  • Dr. Noel Hacegaba, Executive Deputy Director of the Port of Long Beach
  • Stephen A. Edwards, CEO and Executive Director, Virginia Port Authority

Key Details

  • When: Monday, March 11
  • Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
  • Location: Thomas Murphy Ballroom, Building B, Level 5

Before the keynote panel casts anchor, seize the opportunity to navigate the waters of port efficiency. Gain valuable insights by reading MHI’s Q2 Solutions article titled “Ports Turn to Tech Solutions for New Levels of Efficiency,” which will prepare you to engage more deeply with the discussion during the keynote.

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As you prepare to set sail on your own voyage of knowledge and exploration, ensure you secure your spot. Register and attend MODEX 2024 from March 11-14 at the Georgia World Congress Center. Happy sailing!