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Taking Sustainability Down the Supply Chain

Article from MHI Solutions Moving toward more sustainable operations is no longer an option for corporate supply chains—it’s a necessity. Although restructuring supply chains to make them more sustainable can cause some short-term pain points for businesses, those that respond […]

Supply Chain Sustainability on the Rise

Article from MHI Solutions Despite the economic shock and supply chain disruptions from the pandemic, most companies continued their efforts to become more sustainable last year, according to the 2021 State of Supply Chain Sustainability report. Researchers from the MIT […]

Measuring Risk and Disclosing Data

Article from MHI Solutions More materials suppliers than ever are disclosing the environmental impact of their operations and their efforts to offset them, according to the Consumer Data Platform (CDP). Despite pandemic-related disruptions, 8,000 suppliers disclosed their environmental data through […]

Green Initiatives Support Both Corporate and Customer Sustainability Goals

Article from MHI Solutions BY MICHAEL MIKITKA, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT OF MHI’S KNOWLEDGE VALUE CENTER AND WERC As global warming continues and world leaders negotiate regulations to minimize the damage humans have inflicted on Earth, multiple global corporations have already […]

Leverage Tech and Data to Achieve Supply Chain Sustainability

Article from MHI Solutions BY CAROL MILLER, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, MHI As technology advances have taken supply chain management from art to science, organizations can now analyze, tweak, measure and optimize operational processes across inventory and order management, as well […]

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Supply Chain Sustainability Goes High Tech

Content was pulled from MHI Solutions Magazine Q4.2019 The promise of improved efficiencies and reductions in operating expenses are usually the major drivers when supply chain companies adopt digital technologies. But there’s another benefit that they should consider. Tech advances […]

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