Robotic Palletizing? It Could Be For You!

When you’ve got a 60-pound box of books, manually moving that from the line to the middle of a fresh pallet isn’t the most fun of jobs. Once they’ve dropped the box onto the pallet, workers are probably pulling a face as they try to straighten up. So you may be considering robotic palletizing to keep them happy (and you out of trouble).

But where do you start?

Our Conveyors and Sortation Systems Industry Group has got you covered. They’ve outlined four steps to a successful integration:

Analyze your palletizing application

The first step is to collect the information from your process. It is your process and you should be actively involved in developing the specification for the system.

Meet with a robotics system integrator to review your application

Utilizing an experienced systems integrator is the best direction to take for most manufacturing companies to achieve a successful production robotic system. The integrator will provide a great range of knowledge to answer any questions you might have.

A systems integrator will supply you a detailed proposal for the equipment supplied in the system.

An experienced system integrator will put a significant effort into the preparation of a proposal. The completeness and accuracy of the proposal will be a good indicator of the integrators abilities.

Evaluating the proposal

Does it meet your expectations? How will future changes be handled? Will there be follow up meetings?

If you’re still wondering what robotic palletizing can do for you, here are a few of the most recent developments:

  • * Creating a virtual work cell
  • * Offline programming
  • * Remote service

Interested in learning more about robotic palletizing? Visit today and read the “Is Robotic Palletizing Right for You?” on their website.