Scope 3 and Achieving Net Zero

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

Becoming a Sustainable Business Requires a Sustainable Supply Chain

With looming Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations as well as the recent spate of wildfires, torrential downpours, excessive heat and other extreme weather events, the need for climate action and sustainability reporting has reached a new level of urgency. Companies of all sizes are increasingly recognizing the importance of measuring their emissions footprint, as well as the need to mitigate the harm it causes not only to the environment, but to their ability to do business

Sustainability: A New Foundational Pillar for Business Success

Sustainable supply chain operations not only help the environment, they create real business value. Leading firms are embracing sustainability as a new foundational pillar for future success. One key to establishing a sustainable operation is to follow the standards established by the greenhouse gas (GHG) Protocol, which classifies an organization’s emissions across three separate scopes (see sidebar on page 22).

Because the GHG Protocol estimates that as much as 90% of a company’s total emissions occur within Scope 3—a company’s supply chain—this area holds the greatest promise for sustainability improvements. It also means a considerable amount of the data is needed for sustainability reporting, decisionmaking and improvement…

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