Student designs one-wheeled autonomous robot for package delivery and to transfer goods from place to place

With Amazon delivery drones still “years” away, according to a recent interview with CEO Jeff Bezos, Kobi Shikar is offering an alternative idea.

Shikar, an industrial design student at Israel’s Shenkar College has unveiled his personal vision for a delivery robot.

His Transwheel robot concept, created as part of his final college project, looks like a robotic unicycle. It is in fact an autonomous robotic wheel with a self- balancing system and electric arms to carry the load. Each robot is equipped with a GPS-driven communication device that allows it to work individually for small parcels or as part of a group of robots when they have to carry a large load together.

Since this robot will operate in urban environments, it is equipped with sensors and detection cameras to avoid any obstacles en route. There are also LED signal lights which would enable it to be seen during the night by other vehicles. The Transwheel also uses facial recognition software to identify delivery recipients.

Shikar is currently looking for industry partners to help him develop the robots and turn them from a concept to reality. Learn more.