Bridging the Gaps: End-To-End Supply Chain Visibility

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine

When Bill Wappler thinks about the current state of supply chain visibility, he envisions nodes in the supply chain as islands in an archipelago, with nothing but blue water in between. A lot of information is being captured by IoT devices on each island—but a bridge is still needed in order to connect them.

The chairman and CEO of Surgere, a provider of IoT-based visibility tools, gets animated talking about advances in cloud computing and technologies to collect and analyze data. The tools to share that data and bridge the gaps? So far, sizzle but not much steak.

“I think we have a lot of good news, we’re on our way, but we have a lot of challenges,” Wappler said. “I’m a little exasperated about all the people talking about how they are providing end-to-end supply chain visibility. That’s the dream state, but the dream state isn’t quite here yet…

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