Supply chains are changing. Get ready!

Workforce shortages, omnichannel challenges, sustainability pressures, global trade, inflation, unpredictable demand, changing customer expectations. Supply chain problems are no longer just supply problems. They are people, customer, and end-to-end transparency problems. Throw in an unforeseen event and debilitating disruption can seem inevitable. 

Staying ahead of these supply chain realities by taking advantage of emerging tech and innovation is the best way to ensure that your operations can resist, absorb, recover and even thrive from any supply chain disruption that comes your way.

In short, it’s time to get obsessed with supply chain technologies and practices that are strategic to your future business. It’s time to arm yourself with the solutions, education and connections available at ProMat 2023. Doing this will help you optimize your operations and prepare to win the future. 

It’s time for ProMat
The theme for ProMat 2023 is “Touch the Future.” In looking at the solutions that will be on display at ProMat, that theme is spot on. The common thread for the ProMat exhibits and education is automation and emerging tech. That means the latest solutions in Automation, Robotics, AI, Advanced Analytics, IIoT, Software and Cloud Computing and more will cover ProMat’s 550,00 square feet of exhibits. Tips to take advantage of these innovations will also be a feature of the majority of ProMat’s 150+ show floor educational sessions.

According to the 2023 MHI Annual Industry Report, which will be revealed at the March 22 ProMat keynote, investments in these digital supply chain solutions is accelerating as companies are adapting their supply chains to prepare for the future including:

Planning — Being a step ahead of the competition with an eye to the future.

Agility — Managing for expected and unexpected threats and disruptions and quickly responding to mitigate risk and harness opportunities.

End to end transparency and visibility — real-time data sharing and collaboration with supply chain partners and stakeholders.

Also on display at ProMat are traditional material handling solutions that bring facilities together, drive efficiencies and make supply chains work. That’s the magic of the supply chain, how all this equipment and technology works together to build seamless operations. That’s also the magic of ProMat.

Touch the Future at ProMat
The best way to discover the latest supply chain trends and tech and implement them into your operations is to attend ProMat 2023. There is no better place to meet the leading suppliers, see the equipment and tech in-person, in-action and then learn about it in the show floor educational sessions.

If that isn’t enough, ProMat has multiple experiential and networking events to expand your learning opportunities and professional connections including 4 keynotes, WERC Connects, StartUp Pavilion, Women in Supply Chain, Young Professionals Event, MHI Innovation Awards and MHI Industry Night at ProMat with Nate Bargatze. 

The best week for supply chains in 2023 starts on March 20! You really can’t afford to miss it.

Make sure you and your team are registered to attend and touch the future of supply chains. There is no cost to attend the exhibits, show floor sessions and keynotes – only your travel and time investment is needed. It’s the best investment you can make to shockproof your operations for the future. See you in Chicago!