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A Diverse Range of Supply Chain Experiences

Article from MHI Solutions  The face of the supply chain is changing, with more diversity than ever before. Yet people of color are still only 30% of the workforce. Here, six professionals in the field share their varied experiences, what […]

Industry Focus: Aerospace

Article from MHI Solutions The world of aerospace and defense (A&D) is rapidly changing, propelled by new innovations and challenged by the pandemic. It creates both economic difficulties and opportunities—and comes at a time when the push to Supply Chain […]

Data Analytics Support Manufacturing Capacity Analysis

Article from MHI Solutions Manufacturing companies are increasingly investing in data collection and analytics to create a competitive advantage. Internal data, such as transactional and log data, has been the primary source of big data for an overwhelming majority of […]

Creative Ways to Find Diverse Talent

Article from MHI Solutions Companies are starting to utilize second-chance hiring, recognizing that their hiring process may omit candidates with disabilities and neurodivergent individuals who provide unique skills and perspectives. In the newly released 2021 MHI Annual Industry Report, survey […]

Cutting Edge Innovations Compete for Annual Honor

Article from MHI Solutions With 30 finalists—10 in each of three categories—the 9th Annual MHI Innovation Awards from ProMatDX saw the strongest competition ever. It’s a great time to be in supply chain and material handling, what with all the […]

Advanced Analytics Informing Supply Chain Insight

Article from MHI Solutions It’s ‘survival of the fittest’ as companies consider how to integrate and grow analytics operations. The emergence of predictive and prescriptive analytics is stretching across industries, changing the way an array of businesses make decisions and […]

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