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Advanced Analytics Informing Supply Chain Insight

Article from MHI Solutions It’s ‘survival of the fittest’ as companies consider how to integrate and grow analytics operations. The emergence of predictive and prescriptive analytics is stretching across industries, changing the way an array of businesses make decisions and […]

Growing Greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Supply Chains

Article from MHI Solutions By Christian Dow, EVP, Membership and Industry Leadership Resolving the racial and cultural inequities experienced in our country is something that must be addressed across all parts of society. That includes the workplace. Not only is […]

Women: Succeeding in Supply Chain

Article from MHI Solutions These six women have been bringing the supply chain industry a wealth of diverse expertise and experiences. Here’s how they’ve navigated a traditionally male-dominated field. There are more women working in the supply chain field—at all […]

The Workplace of the Future

Article from MHI Solutions Just as the pandemic normalized new routines and habits that may be with us forever—hand sanitizer, anyone?—it simultaneously hastened our understanding of a transformative truth about the nature of work circa 2021. A lot of us—those […]

Innovation Drives Supply Chain Resilience

Article from MHI Solutions By Carol Miller, VP of Marketing and Communication at MHI Historically, supply chains have been built for efficiency. Having a Lean, just-in-time, cost effective manufacturing or distribution supply chain was a point of pride for many […]

Highlights from 2021 MHI Remote Work Survey

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine MHI conducted a survey in 2021 called “MHI COVID-19 Remote-Work Insights” and released the results on March 30, 2021. The purpose of the survey was to understand materials handling industry employees’ reactions to and abilities […]

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