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Discover Atlanta’s Dining Gems at MODEX 2024

Are you ready to tantalize your taste buds while attending MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia? Alongside the excitement of the show, don’t miss the chance to discover Atlanta’s culinary gems. Here’s a sneak peek at some dining spots that promise […]

MODEX 2024 Preview: Featured Areas

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Hosted by DC Velocity, the Transportation & Logistics Theater will feature presentations and panel discussions focused on the latest product and technology developments that companies can use to improve their transportation and logistics performance. Hosted […]

Atlanta Adventures: Discover the City Beyond MODEX 2024

MODEX 2024 is happening in Atlanta, GA, and while the expo floor buzzes with the latest technology and innovations in supply chain and logistics, be sure to step outside the conference for some well-deserved fun! So, trade your work shoes […]

MODEX 2024 Commits to Sustainability

MHI and its vendors are committed to making MODEX a more sustainable event.  When you attend MODEX 2024 in Atlanta March 11-14, be assured that the following sustainability efforts are being made: As part of its MHI Innovation Awards, MHI […]

MODEX Keynote to Reveal 2024 Supply Chain Trends

Which supply chain technologies will be transformative in 2024? That is one of the questions answered by the 2024 MHI Annual Industry Report. The findings of the report will be revealed during the 2024 Annual Industry Report keynote, which is […]

Find Your Next Big Idea at the MODEX StartUp Pavilion!

This March, we’re thrilled to feature to some of the most exciting StartUps in the supply chain space. At MODEX 2024, make sure to visit the StartUp Pavilion to catch a glimpse of the groundbreaking technology these emerging companies offer. […]

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