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Effectiveness of Introverted Leaders

Introverts and Leadership. At face value, these appear to be two distinct characteristics that do not compliment each other. When one hears the word introvert, terms like shy or reserved come to mind, and while these may be overarching generalizations […]

Girls Who Code Aims to Reach Gender Parity by 2020

by Morgan Cruz, Marketing Content Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_morgan Today technology careers are largely male dominated, however we are seeing a movement to close the gender gap by major tech companies, public figures and pop culture icons. Girls Who Code is […]

Developing the next generation of supply chain leaders

The demands placed on supply chain leaders are constantly increasing and organizations are feeling the pressure to recruit and retain the next generation supply chain workforce. As a result, developing that future supply chain workforce, particularly those in leadership positions, […]

Innovative Strategies Needed To Attract, Train And Retain Workforce to Support Supply Chain Innovations

By Carol Miller, MHI Vice President of Marketing & Communications Services In addition to examining the eight innovative technologies anticipated to help meet companies’ struggles to meet customer demands for faster, better service at lower costs, the 2015 MHI Annual […]

University of Tennessee Global Supply Chain Institute releases new white paper on supply chain talent

Demand for top talent increases as supply chain volumes and complexity rise, but the supply of that talent is decreasing according to a new white paper titled Supply Chain Talent – Our Most Important Resource by the University of Tennessee […]

The Demand for Supply Chain Talent is Growing, and the Supply is Shrinking

By Daniel Stanton, MHI Vice President, Education and Professional Development What’s keeping you up at night?” It’s the question we’ve all been trained to ask when we want to understand the big challenges that our colleagues are facing. And for […]

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