Target and Whole Foods Win at Climate-Friendly Cold

We recently wrote about how the FDA is testing milk-based films for food products, and the technology, if it becomes widely used, would have a beneficial impact on the environment. But many large companies are also continuously working on becoming more environmentally friendly.

Whole Foods and Target have recently been highlighted for their refrigeration systems becoming super climate-friendly. Whole Foods recently opened a store in Santa Clara, California that has a refrigeration system that is said to be the most environmentally advanced in the United States. It prevents more than 7,000 metric tons of CO2 from being emitted in a year by eliminating all direct greenhouse gas emissions from standard refrigeration. Their Cascade System has a near-zero environmental footprint while at the same time greatly improving energy efficiency.  For more details on the Cascade System, visit


Target is using an innovative “rackless” refrigeration system. The self-contained system reuses the natural heat emissions from the refrigerator as energy to help keep a closed system and saves additional energy during cold months. To read more about Target’s leadership in industry environmental change, visit