The Future is Not about Tomorrow

“No matter what business you have, spend one hour a day in the future.” That is the advice Gerd Leonhard, CEO of The Futures Agency, offered to guests at MHI’s Annual Conference during his Monday keynote.

“The future is not tomorrow. The future is here,” Leonhard said, imploring leaders to start future proofing their business for the rapid changes artificial intelligence (AI) will bring. While many people view AI as a threat, Leonhard expressed confidence about its amazing capabilities to solve challenges such as climate change and hunger. He urged leaders to start tackling sustainability now, stating that their business will no longer exist if they don’t chart a course to net zero.

Leonhard also reminded the audience to remember that humans are not machines. We can’t work without breaks nor memorize all of Wikipedia. What that in mind, he advised the audience to automate the tasks that are best left to machines, and seize the tasks that humans do best. In fact, he suggested that with the steady march toward AI, our kids would do well to study non data-oriented fields.

Guests get a behind-the-scenes look at Port Everglades during the MHI Annual Conference.

Held at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the MHI Annual Conference is a thought leadership event for manufacturing, material handling, and supply chain professionals. In addition to keynotes and MHI Industry Group meetings, guests have enjoyed such events as a golf outing to benefit MHEFI and a behind-the-scenes-tour of Port Everglades.

Before the Annual Conference ends, remember to help MHEFI raise money to create scholarships for supply chain students. Bid on their silent auction by 9 am on October 4.