5 Top Instagram Accounts for Supply Chain Fans

By Morgan Cruz, MHI Marketing Content Coordinator | @mhi_morgan

Social media is where culture intersects with technology bringing us visually closer to what we enjoy most. Instagram is currently the eighth ranked photo sharing app with over 400 million monthly active accounts. If you are like us, we are big fans of the supply chain industry and all that is related. That’s why we have collected these five creative, inspiring and slightly supply-chain-geeky accounts for you to follow on Instagram.

1. @artofsupplychain

artofsupplychainThe Art of Supply Chain is a Supply Chain Professionals Network that show us a humorous side to the material handling and supply chain industry. Their posts are relatable, creative and funny. They engage 1,570 followers targeting supply chain professionals, students and anyone who is a fan of the industry. Visit the Art of Supply Chain’s blog for more supply chain fun.

2. @SupplyChainX

SupplychainxSupplyChain X is dedicated to changing the way the supply chain is viewed. The industry is vast and yet it is hardly recognized as a career choice by our next generation workers. Their goal is to make supply chain relatable and understandable by bringing us intriguing commentary, information that will expand our perceptions and images that help us explore the world.

3. @oaknpine


If you are a fan of pallets you will appreciate Oak and Pine. Run by a husband and wife team, they use reclaimed wood, pallets or locally sourced lumber to create unique and beautiful pieces such as furniture and butcher blocks. Their photos will take you behind the scenes and show you the creation process from start to finish. Oak and Pine posts to 19,140 followers supporting their craft.

4. @solarimpulse


Solar Impulse shares photos that will amaze you! The company began with two pioneers passionate about clean technologies. The pilots fly around the world in a solar airplane with a mission to show that clean technologies can accomplish impossible goals. Solar impulse believes the #futureisclean and wishes to inspire the general public, students, key decision-makers and entrepreneurs all over the world. They currently have 26,149 followers watching their adventure.

5. @droneoftheday

Drone of the Day

We have heard about endless possibilities for drone delivery but, drones are also a creative tool for photographers. Drone of the Day shows beautiful photography taken from hundreds of drone hobbyist all around the world. They provide daily content to over 26,000 followers. Follow Drone of the Day on Facebook and connect with other drone enthusiasts to see their footage from around the world.


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