TriEnda Partners with Penda to Create Low-Cost Beds and Wall Partitions for COVID-19 Demand

MHI member companies are among the leading suppliers in manufacturing and supply chain and with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these member companies have been doing amazing things to better the safety of our citizens and the security of our economy. 

 This week we spoke with MHI member company TriEnda a leader in providing cargo protection solutions about their partnership with Penda to create the new Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed and partition walls that can be produced quickly and at a reasonable price.   

Like many material handling companies, TriEnda, as an essential business, continued to provide industry solutions critical to the supply chain. However, Penda, a manufacturer of automobile accessories, was deemed a non-essential business and was forced to lay off some of its staff.   Recognizing that there was an opportunity to fulfill a massive shortage in hospital beds, the engineers and designers from both Penda and TriEnda joined together to come up with a plan.  In a matter of weeks, they transitioned a 300,000 square foot IATF 16949 certified automotive facility near Madison, WI to begin mass production on hospital beds and bring back laid off workers.  

 The result was the Emergency & Disaster Relief Bed that is durable, easy-to-clean and can be assembled without tools in just a few minutes.  The beds can also be nested for compact storage enabling the beds to be set aside for quick redeployment in future emergencies.   


 The resulting pivot turned into an opportunity to fulfill a greater need for affordable beds and wall partitions that provide privacy and protection.  The Humanitarian Bed provides a safe, comfortable place for patients to recover at an affordable price.  Starting at $299, the bed is durable, easy-to-clean and nestable for flexible storageAfter production on the beds started, the purchasing organizations then began requesting orders for partitions as privacy walls and stand-alone partitions for maintaining safe social distancing.   

 Now receiving orders from all over the country and overseas, TriEnda and Penda plan to continue manufacturing the beds and as well as offer other products to answer the need in future times of crisis.   

 The best part of all this is the realization that when people work together as a team, they can accomplish anything.  Tapping into their internal talent enabled TriEnda and Penda to utilize their employees’ collective skills and knowledge to strategically assess the need and act quickly.   

 If you are an MHI member company who is also making a positive impact in these times of need, we want to hear from you! Please contact our MHI Membership department with your story.