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Avoiding Injuries in the Workplace with Access Control Gates

Guest blog by MHI member, Xpanda Quantum Security Products

Help Reduce Injuries With the use of Access Control Gates

Often, we talk about how barrier gates are effective at stopping theft, vandalism, and smash and grab robberies. And this is true. Barrier gates are incredibly useful tools for reducing loss and preventing crime. However, this isn’t the only way that barrier gates come in handy.

Physical barrier gates can also be used to prevent accidents, slips, falls, and other potentially dangerous situations.These gates are particularly useful in warehouses, shipping and receiving docks, industrial buildings and other such properties. There are a number of ways that barrier gates can be used to prevent injuries and accidents.

Restricting Access to Dangerous Areas

Warehouses and other industrial areas often have equipment or substances on hand that can be particularly dangerous to those who do not have the appropriate training to deal with these tools or substances.

For example, if your warehouse has a forklift, you know how dangerous this tool can be to someone who is not trained to operate it. In order to restrict access to only those who have the skills and training needed to work the forklift, it can be stored behind a locked security gate when not in use.

Another possible issue could be aisles or shelves in a warehouse that contain dangerous or toxic chemicals. In order to secure these chemicals, you can place security gates at each end of the aisles in question. This will ensure that only those who understand the risks of handling these chemicals and who are able to do so safely will have access to them.

Stopping Unwanted Access to a Property

Warehouses and other industrial locations can be dangerous. Therefore, it’s important to restrict access to these areas. By installing security gates on doors, windows and loading docks, you make it impossible for an unauthorized person to enter these areas. This keeps your location safe and secure at all times and drastically reduces the likelihood of an injury or accident.

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls  

Slips, trips and falls are one of the leading causes of workplace injury. These injuries can be reduced by installing security gates in certain areas in your location. For example, many injuries are caused by people slipping and falling in loading docks. Placing a security gate in each dock and keeping it locked when the dock is not in use can drastically reduce injuries. It also improves security at your facility.

On of the major benefits of using security gates in your loading dock is that the gates still allow air to pass through for ventilation and employees can still see through the gates, so they can spot any trucks or customers arriving. These benefits show the difference between closing and locking the sliding doors on a loading dock and installing security gates in these locations.

Security gates can also improve safety when they are placed in other hazardous locations. Gates can restrict access to areas that may be wet, slippery, or difficult to navigate through. By restricting access, you reduce the likelihood of injury.