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Susan O'Malley

Lessons in Leadership, Teamwork, Customer Service and Life with Susan O’Malley

At the 2017 MHI Annual Conference keynote Susan O’Malley will speak on lessons in leadership, teamwork, customer service and life. Susan is the first female president of a professional sports franchise and is a pioneer in Business and Sports. Susan O’Malley Shares […]

ShowPro & ProMat Logos on Business Cards

What We Learned at ShowPro 2017 – Marketing Madness

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator |@mhi_alex Last week we had ShowPro for ProMat 2017 and Space Draw for MODEX 2018. The MHI marketing team went down to help with ShowPro, and as a bonus, we got to take […]

Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing and How to Make Use of It

by Morgan Cruz, Marketing Content Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_morgan You’ve probably heard someone mention “content marketing” but you have a fuzzy idea of what that means. If you feel like you should probably know this but are too embarrassed to ask, then this […]

Exhibit Strategy

Jefferson Davis is Going to Challenge Your Exhibit Strategy

Jefferson Davis is president of Competitive Edge, a highly-specialized consulting and training firm on a mission to inspire, lead and direct businesses on how to more effectively use exhibiting to visibly support core business objectives and generate measurable financial value, far […]

PR and Brand Transparency

The Importance of Transparency in a PR Crisis

by Morgan Cruz, Marketing Content Coordinator, MHI | @mhi_morgan 2016 has already seen it’s fair share of PR crises, such as outrage at the Cincinnati Zoo, boycotts at the Oscars, and controversy with Apple Computers. Real-time sharing on social media has […]

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn with Plans to Improve Connectivity

By Alex Batty, MHI Marketing Communications Coordinator | @mhi_alex Microsoft recently bought the professional social media network Linkedin for $26.2 billion. This move brings 433 million user-created profiles under the Microsoft umbrella, which could lead to a boost in Microsoft product […]

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