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The Individuals Behind Efficient Supply Chains

Moving into the future, automation is poised to play a colossal role in supply chains. This raises many questions about the role humans will play. This theme underpins MHI’s recent “Jobs of Tomorrow” episode, “The Individuals Behind Efficient Supply Chains.” […]

Mental Health Requires More Than Time Off

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine If recent years have taught us anything, it’s that the business environment is ever-changing, and the ability to keep up depends on your ability to adapt and continuing to gain new expertise. But that’s not […]

Building the Talent Pipleline

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine No industry is immune to today’s workforce challenges of recruiting and retaining qualified talent to fill positions today and in the future, so supply chain members are not alone. In the 2023 MHI Annual Industry Report, […]

Tech and the Worker Experience

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine When Americold decided to enhance safety at its cold storage distribution center in central California in 2020, it partnered with Voxel Labs, Inc., a startup that uses artificial intelligence-powered video analytics to turn existing security […]

Beyond the Heavy Lift: Forklift Incidents and Pathways to Safer Workplaces

Guest blog by MHI member company Litum In the dynamic environments of warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing plants across the globe, forklifts and other powered industrial trucks are pivotal in daily operations. These indispensable vehicles efficiently move heavy loads and […]

Tech Is Empowering the Supply Chain Workforce

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine The focus on technology in supply chains is undeniable. We are now a tech-forward industry that uses tech to make operations more efficient, transparent and sustainable than ever before. This tech adoption has put our […]

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