Get Educated at MODEX 2020

So in addition to our awesome keynotes (find the post here), MODEX 2020 features a full education conference.

We’ve coordinated over 150 expert-led sessions conveying a broad array of supply chain, material handling and logistics topics. Sessions are offered free to all registered show attendees. You can find seminars (searchable, by the way, if you’re looking for a specific one) at

There is also Student Day to look forward to! In its 17th consecutive year, MHI, in partnership with MHEDA and MHEFI, hosts Student Day as an interactive event for CTE, High School and University students to connect them with the best in the industry through real-world discussions with industry experts, a guided tour of the show floor and networking with professionals who can support their career growth. The highlight of the day is the guided tour of the MODEX 2020 show floor, led by industry experts and the opportunity to meet with exhibiting companies who are looking for future employees. Along with gaining a real-world understanding of the products, services and technologies that enable the supply chain, students will walk away feeling inspired and empowered with a broader network of professionals who can support their career goals.

You can always find more info on the website, and if you’re looking specifically for education, the short link is