“Jobs of Tomorrow”: Collaborative Automation

Some might see robots as a necessary evil. Given the gigantic uptick COVID-19 caused in e-commerce and the persistent labor shortages, it’s likely that your warehouse or distribution center has started to introduce this smart technology. In episode four of “Jobs of Tomorrow,” sponsored by Kindred, we put a positive spin on robots by focusing on the problems they are solving.

Robots can perform many of the repetitive tasks that were previously assigned to humans. This gigantic change means humans can now supervise the robots instead of performing the mundane tasks themselves. Robots can also take on physically demanding jobs. By reducing the need for humans to do the heavy lifting, the warehouse becomes more inviting to workers with disabilities.

The data that robots provide is another welcome help to the supply chain. Marin Tchakarov, CEO of Kindred, discusses the type of vital information that warehouse robots can generate.

But how do workers and executives feel about interacting with their new co-workers? And will the jobs of today’s supply chain students be replaced by robots in the future? Travel inside the warehouse with us by watching “Collaborative Automation: Your Future Coworkers in an E-Commerce World.”

This collaborative automation episode is part of MHI’s “Jobs of Tomorrow”  project. The docuseries talks to corporate leaders, engineers, and students to gain insight into future careers in the material handling and supply chain industry,