“Jobs of Tomorrow” From Newbies to Ninjas: Gamifying Workforce for Future-proof Supply Chains

In the latest episode of MHI’s Jobs of Tomorrow docuseries, we get an inside look at the supply chain industry and its leaps forward in cultivating a robust and future-ready workforce.

Imagine burning the midnight oil in your dorm room, hungry and stressed during exam season. That late-night food delivery that saved you? It’s a small example of the crucial role the supply chain plays in our daily lives, and this episode, “From Newbies to Ninjas: Gamifying Workforce for Future-proof Supply Chains,” explores how the industry is gearing up for the future by making work a thrilling game.

From tackling the challenges of warehouse labor with robotics to introducing virtual reality training for forklift operators, the episode showcases how innovation and technology are transforming the industry. More than just a job, it’s an opportunity for the younger generation to bring their unique talents into an engaging, interactive, and, dare we say, fun work environment.

As the episode unfolds the secrets of gamification, automation, and digital technologies shaping the future of supply chain jobs. It’s not just about moving products; it’s about creating an innovative culture where your skills are not only recognized but also celebrated.

Watch “Jobs of Tomorrow” Now

To learn more about how the supply chain industry plans to succeed in leveling up its workforce, watch this full “Jobs of Tomorrow” episode now on MHIview. A recent MHI Blog also discusses the opportunities and enhancements in the supply chain workforce.

Both season 1 and 2 of  Jobs of Tomorrow can be streamed on MHIview.