Asks Business and Industry to do their Part to fight COVID-19

COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge to our industry and the world as we know it. A new initiative, StopTheSpread, is asking corporate and business leaders to act now and step up — with the drive of innovation, the spirit of endeavor and a sense of shared sacrifice – to beat COVID-19.

Kenneth Chenault, chairman and managing director at General Catalyst and the former chief executive and chairman of American Express and Rachel Romer Carlson, chief executive and co-founder of Guild Education founded to ask American business and industry to address this unprecedented challenge.

In recent days more than 1,500 chief executives around the country signed their pledge to #stopthespread and #leadboldly — a commitment that led thousands of restaurants, bars, resorts and stores to shut their doors, either in compliance with local government orders or, frequently, on their own accord.

This initiative, in addition to raising funds needed immediately to put new factories to work creating ventilator machines to meet anticipated demand, focuses on empowerment for the frontline workers that are so critical to keeping supply chains and the healthcare industry operational. provides information how to stay physically, emotionally and financially safe and informed during this crisis by providing free online training for frontline workers.

Demands throughout supply chains are high, and it is important to keep the health and safety of all workers top of mind. MHI is asking our members and all our audiences to learn more about these important efforts make a pledge for #onthefrontline to #stopthespread.

Learn more and find out how you can participate here.