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Robots, Automation and the Supply Chain Evolution

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine It is a modern mantra: “Technology will never be as bad as it is today.” In other words, as transformative as automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies already are to supply chain matters, they […]

Robotics and Automation in Intralogistics 4.0

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine The emerging trends in warehousing—and in a variety of industries—are based on the development of new technologies, digitalization, the concept of the Internet of Things and the concept of Industry 4.0 with the high degree […]

The Accelerating Adoption of Robotics and Automation

Article from MHI Solutions There’s little downtime these days at companies that provide robotics, automation and intelligent transportation management solutions for the supply chain. Since the pandemic hit, they’ve been flooded with requests for their products. David Clear, chief revenue […]

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New Video on MHI View: Change Management for Implementing Mobile Robotics

Technological innovations are typically pioneered by large corporations with budgets to invest heavily in new, sometimes experimental equipment. Automation solutions are no different. However, to implement mobile robotics effectively organizations must consider the changes they are about to undertake. Innovations […]


Robotics Industry Offers Solutions to Combat COVID-19

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Coronavirus pandemic is driving up demand and spurring innovation. For a long time, the robotics industry couldn’t avoid criticism that its products were replacing human workers, but public sentiment is shifting now that the coronavirus […]

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New video on MHI View: Increasing Flexibility with Robots

Robots have become a common addition to the DC. Not only are they now more affordable, but they also allow you to increase the flexibility of your operation. Now in distribution centers where smaller direct-to-consumer shipments are processed, being flexible […]

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