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Robotics Industry Offers Solutions to Combat COVID-19

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Coronavirus pandemic is driving up demand and spurring innovation. For a long time, the robotics industry couldn’t avoid criticism that its products were replacing human workers, but public sentiment is shifting now that the coronavirus […]

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New video on MHI View: Increasing Flexibility with Robots

Robots have become a common addition to the DC. Not only are they now more affordable, but they also allow you to increase the flexibility of your operation. Now in distribution centers where smaller direct-to-consumer shipments are processed, being flexible […]


Don’t Replace Employees With Robotics; Increase Their Value Instead

Post by MHI Industry Group Blog, Warehouse Automation A recent video produced by MHIView explores “Designing Robotics with the Workforce in Mind,” a delve into how today’s collaborative robotic solutions are being engineered and programmed to support an existing labor […]

Collaborative Robots Streamline Logistics Operations

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine The growing use of collaborative robots, or cobots, is giving some warehousing and distribution centers a much-needed productivity boost. Guided by sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence (AI), cobots can move autonomously and work alongside human […]

Exploring the Use of Robotics in the Final 50 Feet of Delivery

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine New sophisticated solutions are being developed to optimize the last leg of the delivery journey: the final 50 feet. It was at the Urban Freight Center at the University of Washington that supply chain experts […]


Want Higher Performance Rates? Add Robotics To Human Workforce

by MHI Industry Group, Warehouse Automation The collaborative robot market will grow from $710 million in 2018 to $12,303 million in 2025 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 50.1%, according to research from Markets and Markets. And while […]

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