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Career Power Boost at Emerging Leaders Conference – Chicago

by Morgan Cruz, MHI Marketing Content Coordinator Are you a young professional looking to advance your career in material handling, logistics and supply chain?  If you are, then MHEDA and MHI are providing an excellent educational opportunity called the Emerging Leaders Conference […]

The Big Ask

So, you’ve been working hard, growing professionally, and increasing your value to your company. You put in the TIME and the EFFORT. Now, you want a promotion / raise / bonus. Unfortunately, most of the time, your employer isn’t going […]

Promotions. Raises. Bonuses.

On the job, we work hard for these things throughout our careers. Our employers typically grant them after evaluating our performance and value to the company. Value to the company? Yes. As employees, we are resources (the most valuable resources) […]

Are you a supply chain leader or a follower?

Supply chains are complex systems to manage, but the financial payoff can be huge. According to a new survey from Deloitte, organizations with superior supply chain capabilities achieve significantly higher levels of performance on both revenue growth and EBIT measures […]

Networking – it should be 4 letter word

Networking. There’s probably not another word as hated by young professionals as networking. Why? We don’t truly know what it means We see very little value in doing it Because we don’t understand it or see value in doing it, […]

Workplace Generation Gap – Putting Other Generations In Their Place

The MHI Young Professionals Network (YPN) recently presented a funny, interesting and honest discussion about the workplace generation gap. Jeff Havens gets rid of the standard four-generation workplace in favor of a simpler structure: old people and young people. Hear […]

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