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Networking – it should be 4 letter word

Networking. There’s probably not another word as hated by young professionals as networking. Why? We don’t truly know what it means We see very little value in doing it Because we don’t understand it or see value in doing it, […]

Workplace Generation Gap – Putting Other Generations In Their Place

The MHI Young Professionals Network (YPN) recently presented a funny, interesting and honest discussion about the workplace generation gap. Jeff Havens gets rid of the standard four-generation workplace in favor of a simpler structure: old people and young people. Hear […]

Building an Employee Retention Pool

From MHI Solutions Employee turnover is costly. Losing one link in the chain of your operation can be quantified not only in the time it takes to replace that person, but that in which it takes your new hire to […]

Supply Chain Technicians work on the hardware, software, automated equipment and systems that support the supply chain

From MHI Solutions How many supply chain technicians do you know? No, this isn’t a trick question. Chances are you know at least one if you work in warehousing, distribution or even manufacturing. Ditto for those who work for a […]

Generation Y Will Soon Be The Largest Group in the Supply Chain Workforce

From MHI Solutions Sometime in 2015, the young adults of the generation born between 1980 and 2000—the Millennials, or Generation Y—will displace Baby Boomers as the largest group in the workplace. Although some critics have labeled them as slackers with […]

The Value of Supply Chain Certification

From MHI Solutions The value of certifications is debated in almost all industries as organizations try to quantify the benefits of certification versus college education, sometimes basing the answers on entry level versus management positions. Certifications seem to be growing […]

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