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Tech Is Empowering the Supply Chain Workforce

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine The focus on technology in supply chains is undeniable. We are now a tech-forward industry that uses tech to make operations more efficient, transparent and sustainable than ever before. This tech adoption has put our […]

MHIview’s Top Videos & Podcasts of 2023

As we near the end of the year, we’re taking a look at the content that captivated our MHI audience in 2023. With the staggering development of new technology, we’re not surprised that automation and other emerging tech were among […]

Sustainability Makes Good Business Sense, Say CSS Members

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Everyone is focusing on sustainability these days, including the manufacturers of conveyor and sortation systems. Members of MHI’s Conveyor and Sortation Systems (CSS) industry group are making their products—and operations—more sustainable. It’s good for all […]

C-Suite for a New Warehouse Management System

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine If warehouse workers are constantly bumping into each other while navigating high-traffic aisles, then hiring more manpower likely would add to the chaos instead of boosting throughput. Likewise, moving into a bigger warehouse, a tremendous […]


The FAA Releases Groundbreaking Rules for Commercial Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently released rules regulating the use of commercial drones to ensure the flying robot can safely share the skies with commercial aircraft. FAA Guidelines for Commercial Drones: –Operators must be at least 16 years old –Operators must pass an […]

Eight technologies are transforming supply chains

MHI Roundtable leader and MHI member John Hill recently discussed the findings of the 2015 MHI Annual Industry Report with Supply Chain Brain’s Russell Goodman. In this interview, Hill discusses the impact the eight technologies identified in the Report are […]

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