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New Video on MHI View: Applications for Sensors in Quality Control

As the supply chain continues to move forward and into Industry 4.0 with advancements in automation, data is becoming increasingly important. Before implementing automated solutions data must first be gathered on existing processes. This data is then used to program […]

MHI View

New video on MHI View: Increasing Flexibility with Robots

Robots have become a common addition to the DC. Not only are they now more affordable, but they also allow you to increase the flexibility of your operation. Now in distribution centers where smaller direct-to-consumer shipments are processed, being flexible […]

Picking and Sortation

New Video on MHI View: AI Applications for Picking and Sortation

Picking and sorting are some of the most labor-intensive jobs in distribution centers. With e-commerce continuing to grow, systems quickly become more complicated. AI-enhanced robots are quickly becoming a feasible solution for picking and sorting in distribution centers. Greg Williams, […]

MHI Next-Gen Supply Chain Update: Tapping into the Value of Supply Chain Data

The talent shortage has long been a top concern in our industry and MHI’s 2020 Annual Industry Report aims to address this holistically. It provides recommendations on how companies can adopt new innovations, establish positive culture, standardize processes, and provide […]

Emerging Use Cases for Collaborative Robots

New Video on MHI View: Emerging Use Cases for Collaborative Robots

Demands for faster, more efficient service continues to rise throughout the supply chain. To combat this, more operations are turning to robotics and automation to augment their workforce. For many years, these innovations were focused on the automotive industry. A […]

COVID-19 Update from the American Logistics Aid Network

COVID-19 has facilitated the need to re-imagine every aspect of our supply chain. Founded in response to Hurricane Katrina, the American Logistics Network or ALAN, is at the Forefront of this effort connecting nodes in the supply chain to get […]

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