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New Video on MHI View: How Blockchain Might Change the Supply Chain

The next-gen supply chain has arrived and with it technologies like machine learning,  predictive analytics and blockchain.  “There’s a tremendous amount of traction being gained on the subject of blockchain and there is myth and mystic about how blockchain will […]

Annual Industry Report

Embracing the Digital Mindset: Connecting Data, Talent and Technology in Digital Supply Chains

At MODEX 2020 the latest edition to the MHI Annual Industry Report was unveiled to an eager crowd. George Prest along with Deloitte representative, Thomas Boykin and a panel of contributors delivered the results and implications of the growing body of […]


New Video on MHI View: E-Commerce and the Rise of Dimensioning

With e-commerce’s dramatic rise in popularity, how products are packed and shipped is becoming more and more important. Now as products are more frequently packed and shiped in eaches, there is high potential for shipping costs to quickly eat away […]

Material Handling Economy Report

New Video on MHI View: Handling the US Economy

Material handling is an essential part of supply chains around the world and is a vital part of our growing digital economy. This is why MHI worked with Oxford Economics to produce the first-ever Economic Impact Report. MHI commissioned this […]

New Video on MHI View: AMRs for Flexible Workflow

Advancements in technology over the past several years have led to a rise in robotics and automation in the supply chain. More recently automated mobile robots, or AMRs, have been rising in popularity. AMRs are a special type of automated […]

MHI View

Top 8 MHI View Videos of 2019

On a regular basis throughout the year, MHI releases videos as part of its MHI view platform. MHI view is an innovative video approach to education that illustrates and informs on the latest and emerging trends in the material handling […]

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