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The Debate on Dark Stores

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Are dark stores here to stay, or are they just a supply chain experiment spurred on by a singular event and destined to fizzle out? That’s a question grocery chains and other online retailers will […]

Challenges Continue for the Retail Industry

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine Like many industries, retail experienced a major transition during the COVID-19 pandemic as its customers’ shopping preferences and behaviors underwent radical changes. Now, the industry is weighing what the lessons of the pandemic were—and what […]

Industry Focus Q2 2021: Retail

Article from MHI Solutions Magazine One of the first casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic was in-person shopping. With mandatory shutdowns of non-essential retail and customers fearful about being in public, necessities moved to e-commerce. As the pandemic lingered, it shifted […]

Having the Right Cart Helps Retailers Improve Their E-Commerce Strategy

Guest blog by MHI Member Company, National Cart Co.  Retailers continue to look for ways to enhance their customers’ journey by investing in e-commerce and Buy Online Pick Up In-Store programs as consumers have more options to shop and less […]

COVID Pandemic Brings Innovation to Retailers

Guest blog by MHI Member Company, National Cart Co. E-commerce has steadily increased over the years, but it has been the primary sales channel over the past few months due to the COVID Pandemic.  In May alone e-commerce sales in […]

Where Will the Pandemic Take the Grocery and Retail Industry from Here?

Guest blog by MHI Member Company, National Cart Co. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an enormous impact on the grocery and retail industry. While some stores have shown incredible agility in keeping consumers supplied with goods and services, the emerging […]

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